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Committed to the well-being of Connecticut's children and their environment

GTO Environmental is a female-founded lead inspection and lead risk assessment consulting firm serving Central and Eastern Connecticut. Lead based paint wasn't banned in the United States until 1978 and 73% of Connecticut's housing stock was built prior to 1980. Don't wait to identify a possible lead exposure in your home.

Our Services

Comprehensive Lead Inspection

Aims to determine the presence of toxic levels of lead in paint, dust, water, and soil using X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and sample analysis.

  • Property constructed prior to 1978
  • Elevated Blood Lead required inspection
  • Child care required inspection
  • Post-Renovation / Abatement clearance sampling

Lead Risk Assessment

An assessment of the property to identify the presence, type, and severity of lead hazards through on-site testing and labratory sample analysis.

  • Property constructed prior to 1978
  • Real estate transactions
  • Lead-Safe Certificates
  • Hartford Lead-Safe Report

About Us

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The GTO Family

GTO was formed in 2024 as an independent, women-owned lead consulting firm. "GTO" stands for Go Team Oatis and has been our family motto since 2009. It's applicable in most - if not all - circumstances as we navigate the world as a family unit. It embodies our determination to move forward together regardless of what may be in front of us.


Heather Oatis has had a wide range of professional experience as a code enforcement official after working for 17 years in local health departments in a variety of capacities from Inspector to Supervising Sanitarian to Director of Health. Having been a jack of all trades to cover the multitude of environmentally-focused responsibilities in a local health department, Heather decided it was time to focus on the specialty of lead inspections and risk assessments that help to improve the health outcomes for the children living in Connecticut.

Besides lead inspector and lead risk assessor, Heather is a Registered Sanitarian which investigates the health and safety within an environment, identifies risks, and handles enforcement of environmental regulations. This includes oversight of subsurface sewage disposal systems, well drilling, food service operations, public pools, day care centers, and cosmetology operations.


GTO Environmental is one of a growing number of female-founded businesses that are starting in Connecticut. Because women tend to prioritize social responsibility, community involvement, and diversity in their businesses, it is an important part of the economic and social fabric of our community.

Heather is very passionate about supporting women and girls in our community and throughout the world. She is currently the charter president of the Zonta Club of Greater Hartford. Through this organization, Heather is committed to advocating for gender equality, ending gender-based violence, ending child marriage, and expanding access to education.

Kids Come First

A portion of GTO Environmental's revenue is donated to the Child Health and Development Institute because of the health effects that lead has on the development of children. This organization improves the behavioral health and well-being of children, youth, and families in Connecticut and beyond. Their mission is to advance effective and innovative system, practice, and policy solutions that result in equitable and optimal behavioral health and well-being for children, youth, and families in Connecticut and beyond.

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